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Parking Pal CoverIf you drive in New York City, you know what a nightmare parking can be in The Big Apple. If you’ve ever gotten a parking ticket, you understand what a frustrating experience it can be: You try to park legally, but instructional signs are covered up, in conflict with other signs…or completely missing! And what about those times when you underestimated the time you’d need and just can’t get back to your space in time to pay for more time?

Don’t worry! You’ve got a friend in the parking business in New York City. I’m Lou Camporeale, the Parking Pal. I’ve written The New York City Parking Survival Guide, and I really want to help you avoid getting tickets, and to beat the ones you can’t avoid! Hang around this site a while. Check out the book and the other related products we offer to help you stay on the right side of the street…and the law!